1. 6. 2016

Lyric Suite

MusicEnterprise founds in Luxembourg the concert series "Lyric Suite" (devoted to classical song with piano accompaniment).

10. 1. 2015

Prague Muses

MusicEnterprise teams up for the second time with Eva Garajova (see under 1.5.2014 ) to found the music festival "Prague Muses" (Prazske Muzy)

1. 5. 2014

May 2014. MusicEnterprise teams up with Eva Garajova, Czech/Slovak mezzo, to found a new music festival in Karlova Studanka (N. Moravia). Further information is given on

26. 9. 2013

Dear musicians and music-lovers,

the first concert in the series "UFF" (MusicEnterprise in colllabotarion with Nei Stèmmen) will be held on Thursday 26 September at 20h00 at Pianos Kleber, rue Goethe.

But there will be no bla-bla….Emmanuelle Schotsaert, Belgian soprano, will sing a varied programme of songs and operatic airs; Sabine Weyer, Luxembourgish pianist, will accompany and also play some solos.


Entrance: 15 euros (10 euros for students).


23. 2. 2013


In 2012, MusicEnterprise set up the first permanent exchange of organists between the two countries. Luxembourg organist Paul Kayser played at Havířov (near Ostrava) and Český Krumlov; Czech organist Markéta Schley-Reindlová played in Luxembourg.

In 2013, the latter player is due to visit Luxembourg again but also Robert Hugo, organist in residence of the Clementinum in Prague. Laurent Felten, the president of the Amis de l'Orgue, Luxembourg, will play at an organ festival in the Czech Republic

14. 3. 2011

The Opening of the Wells - new CD

A CD featuring the choir of the University of Ostrava, directed by Jan Spisar, and several members of the European Communitys Club de Musique, Luxembourg, was released by the Ostrava company of Stylton in February 2011. It may be seen under the section CDs and Books on this website.

27. 9. 2010

Slovak mezzo Eva Garajová, who has twice appeared in Luxembourg, will give a short recital in St. Jacob’s church, Hellichova (a Prague Spring Festival venue), on Thursday 24 November, at 14h00. She will be accompanied by star Slovak pianist Marián Lapšansky. The recital will be followed by the baptism of a CD they have both recently made and which was sponsored by MusicEnterprise.

1. 1. 2010

The Opening of the Wells in English

MusicEnterprise is sponsoring the first recording ever in English of The Opening of the Wells (Otvirani studanek) by Bohuslav Martinu. For the background to this project, see under Concerts & Other events.

14. 9. 2009

GRATIAS AGIT awarded to Geoff Piper of MusicEnterprise

GRATIAS AGIT is a prize awarded by the Czech Foreign Ministry to persons living outside the Czech Republic who have made a notable contribution to Czech affairs (normally cultural). Most of the recipients are emigré Czechs but we are pleased to report that Geoff Piper has been awarded this prize in 2009. Only two persons from Luxembourg (one a Czech emigré) have been awarded it before.